350w~20kw Solar Hybrid Inverter

About hybrid inverter,there are two working way for your choice(Before order, need confirm us for which working way you need):
1. Battery power priority: When it have sun power, just charge sun power to battery, and take the load, 
 When it has not sun power, inverter will use battery power take the load. 
 When battery voltage is low(below 10.5V per 12V battery), inverter will automatically use bypass function to take the load to avoid cut off the load.
2. The city power priority: When it have city power, inverter will work bypass output, city power take the load directly and charger the battery;When have both city power and sun power, inverter will charge 2 kinds power to battery.When city power failed, it will charge solar power to battery.This working way is Uninterruptible Power System .
Technical parameters
Model(T-) 35112-10 50112-10 70124-20 10224-20 15224-30 20248-30 30224-50 35248-50
Inverter power 350W 500W 700W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 3500W
DC voltage 12V 12V 24V 24V 24V 48V 24V 48V
Solar panels' rated current 10A 20A 30A 50A
Max. solar panels' power 120W 480W 720W 1440W 1200W 2400W
Size(L*W*H)mm 345×210×122 420×145×215 405×180×320 425×200×335
Package size(L*W*H)mm 385×270×185 460×190×260 460×240×380 490×290×410
Net weight(kg) 7 8 11 13 17 20 28 31
Gross weight(kg) 8 9 12 14 18 21 29 32
Technical parameters
Model(T-) 40248-50 50296-50 60296-50 70296-50 702192-50 103192-50 153192-100 203192-100
Inverter power 4000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 7000W 10000W 15000W 20000W
DC voltage 48V 96V 192V
Solar panels' rated current 50A 100A
Max. solar panels' power 2400W 4800W 9600W 19200W
Size(L*W*H)mm 465×245×465 485×300×655 600×300×730
Package size(L*W*H)mm 530×310×510 570×390×730 670*380*930
Net weight(kg) 44 50 52 55 55 85 105 125
Gross weight(kg) 46 60 62 65 65 95 115 135
General parameters
Inverter Structure Low frequecny with transformer
Working way Mains priority/Solar power priority(optional)
Input  voltage 145VAC-275VAC
frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage 110VAC±2% /220VAC±2%
frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz / 60Hz±0.5Hz 
Output wave  Pure sine wave 
THD ≤3%
Mains input charging current 15Aadjustment
Display way LEDLCD
Conversion time ≤4ms
Cooling way Fan
Environment Noise  ≤55dB
Temperature 0℃~40
Humidity 10%90%(No condensation)
Efficiency ≥85%
Protection Overload  Overload 120%shut down after 30m;Overload 150%shut down after 10m;when during mains priority,overload not cause shutdown.  
short circuit Output short circuit, buzzer ringing, 20 seconds after the automatic shutdown
Battey Battery high and low voltage protection
Reverse Battery reverse protection (optional)
Alarm sound  A When the normal operation of the city, there is no sound of the machine. When the power failure, the machine is in the state of the battery work, the buzzer every 30 seconds, 4 seconds
B When low voltage alam again, the buzzer is called once per second; battery mode, machine failure, buzzer alarms.
C When overload, buzzer every second tweets
Notes Specification for reference.Subject to change without prior notice.